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Spectaloop is a small magnetic Glasses Holder loop which allows you to safely hang your glasses from any outfit. Our specially designed magnetic glasses holders are an ingenious yet simple solution to a big frustration felt by many. A neat alternative to a neck cord!




Spectaloop Magnetic Glasses Holder

Spectaloop are a glasses holder that offer a better alternative to glasses chains, eyeglass necklaces and lanyards, providing a simple but effective way to safely keep your glasses in the most convenient place, making wearing glasses fuss-free. 


Spectaloop is simple but effective glasses holder

  • When you lean forward or bend over Spectaloop hangs forward too, keeping your glasses in place and out of your way. 
  • Unlike glasses neck cords, the Spectaloop are magnetic glasses holders and will not twist, get tangled or get in the way.
  • The magnets are surprisingly strong; they can hold firm through fairly thick fabrics of up to 3mm compressed thickness.
  • Available in black, white or grey to work with your favourite outfits.
  • It occasionally has other uses too! For more information see Product


Order your Spectaloop glasses holder today from our online shop to start enjoying the benefits of our new, innovative product.

Here's some feedback we have received for our product:

  • "This is a great new product and every glasses wearer should have one! Thank you"
  • "This is a fantastic gadget! So simple but so effective, sanity saver, thank you!"
  • "What a FABULOUS little device so much better than the old fashioned cords :)"
  • "How have I survived without these! Amazing product must tell EVERYONE"



 Please note that Spectaloop glasses holder is a magnetic product and is not suitable if you have a pacemaker or other body implants sensitive to magnetic fields