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Instructions for use



  1. Slide part ‘a’ and ‘b’ apart   (PLEASE NOTE: Do not pull them apart - ALWAYS SLIDE THEM).

  2. The magnets are too strong to pull apart without damaging Spectaloop.

  3. Place part ‘a’ with the loop on the front side of your shirt or clothing where you would like Spectaloop to sit.

  4. Place part ‘b’ behind your shirt or clothing and let it magnetically attach itself to the part ‘a’.

  5. On most fabrics you can gently slide them a short distance for exact positioning (be careful if the fabric is delicate).

  6. You can easily turn Spectaloop so that the cord loop sits correctly, making it easy to insert your glasses.

  7. Hang the arm of your glasses through the loop and make sure they are secure.  

Taking care with the product

Handling precautions
As mentioned already, DO NOT PULL the Spectaloop apart, ALWAYS SLIDE IT APART. The magnets are very strong and pulling will simply damage Spectaloop and possibly your clothing. They slide easily part.
The reverse side may be worn against the skin (it is made of nylon).
Spectaloop is particularly safe in use compared with the commonly used loops of cord worn around the neck. While a cord can be caught into a moving machine part or catch on something as you walk by, Spectaloop is very small, close to your body and would pull off if caught by a significant force. However you should bear in mind the following safety issues:
DO NOT USE Spectaloop if you have a PACEMAKER or other equipment which is sensitive to magnetic fields.  Users of Spectaloop should be aware if any friends use a pacemaker, particularly when hugging or in very close contact.
Spectaloop uses strong magnets and they should not be placed in the pocket with (or close to) bank cards or sensitive electronic items. It is wise to ensure the magnets in Spectaloop are kept at least 30cms away from electronic devices (phones, bank cards etc).
Do not release the two halves so they can jump/fly together as there is a risk of trapping your finger or skin and the magnets can shatter if they meet at high speed! They can jump up to 15cm.
Spectaloop is unsuitable for use by children. Because it is small, it risks being swallowed by children and is a choking hazard. It should be kept away from small children at all times. Do not swallow or put it anywhere on your body. If ingested, consult your doctor. The plastic used is nylon, the cord is polyester and the magnets are Neodymium.