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Spectaloop is a simple, discreet gadget to keep your glasses in the most convenient place. It consists of two small magnets sitting in an attractive housing with a loop on one to hold your glasses. The magnets allow Spectaloop to be positioned anywhere on your clothing. They are strong enough for any shirt or other fabric up to 3mm thick, allowing Spectaloop to be placed anywhere that is convenient on your clothing. The strong magnets ensure that Spectaloop does not move or fall off during use.


The loop is a fine braided cord that is tough and will not wear out but is gentle on the glasses. The arm of the spectacles is easily inserted into the loop so they hang readily. They can then be quickly and easily removed again for use. Spectaloop is the ideal solution for people who frequently need their glasses, e.g. to read, but do not wear them all the time. Your glasses are always there when you want them, they don’t get lost and won’t fall out of your top pocket! Spectaloop is a simple and easy way to keep your glasses close at hand without the need for long cords round your neck or time wasted hunting for where you last left them!


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"Spectaloop was born from my need to have my glasses close at hand as my eyesight reached the point where I needed them for any close work or reading. The problem was that I kept losing them or could not remember where I had put them down last! My glasses often dropped out of my top pocket whenever I bent over (often with me unaware until I next needed them!) and I did not always notice. They also got damaged.  I did not like the appearance of a big loop round my neck all day or the risk of catching the cord on various objects round the house or getting it tangled in my circular saw or other DIY kit when working in the garage. I wanted something simple, effective and unobtrusive. Spectaloop was the result. Quick and easy to fit on whatever I was wearing, easily repositioned and kept my glasses safe and close at hand with the minimum of effort."

James Briggs

Here at Spectaloop customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. Spectaloop was produced in order to solve a common frustration felt by many; we also understand that customer services and returns can be a common frustration too. That is why at Spectaloop we will accept returns if you are not completly satisfied with the product or if the product gets damaged. 

Simply contact us using the contact form, email "" or telephone +44 (0) 1858 435 243 and we will be happy to help.

Is it possible to get Spectaloop in other colours?

At present we are offering white, black and grey which, correctly selected, blend well on most coloured fabrics. In the future we can extend the colour range if there is sufficient demand. We could even do some bright fun colours and loops! Please use the contact form to advise us what colour you would be interested in and we will let you know if this becomes an option or is something we could do for you.

Will the Spectaloop move around while I walk?

No, the magnets have been chosen so that they are strong enough to take a load of up to 1kg before they move. Stronger magnets would make separating them more difficult for the user.

What if I pull the magnet out of the plastic housing?

The plastic housing is a close fit to the magnet, if you find the magnet has come out, put it back in and be sure to slide the magnets apart rather than pull them apart. You can also glue them in with any suitable household adhesive.

What will happen if I put the magnets near my phone or watch? 

Putting the magnets too close to your phone or watch may result in permanent damage. Do not put them in the same packet as your phone, bank or memory cards. 30cm or more is generally a safe distance.